ENVAP Cooling coil dry steam service


ENVAP Cooling coil dry steam service

The challenges to sustain a business in this and future era depend on how efficient and effective a leader decides. The Facility leader holds a big responsibility to maintain all assets to perform at optimum level. Deciding on the most appropriate preventive maintenance method ensures a success towards a safer, improved performance, cost effective and prolonged life span of the asset.

ENVAP is a solution for you!

We care for your Overall Air Conditioning Performance!
Cooling coils traditional cleaning method using chemical causes high energy loss, high maintenance cost and millions lost due to this.
In a nutshell, organic contaminant accumulates rapidly in the form of mold within fin structures of cooling coils and restricts airflow pathway of the cooling coil therefore resulting in excess energy consumption. Alarmingly, microbial contaminants causes problem to human health ( poor air quality ) as well.
ENVAP does coil descalling with saturated steam (Dry Steam) – Capability to remove 99.99% of the coil contaminants. The traditional chemical cleaning method could not match the performance of ENVAP.
1. Enviro-friendly ( Go Green ) and safe ( no chemical residue that pollutes drainage )
2. Improves and increases air flow rate
3. Substantial savings in electricity, maintenance cost and replacement cost.
4. Does not damage cooling coil ( non corrosive – 100% water based )
5. Cost efficient.
6. Cuts down repairing cost.
7. Minimize downtime ( cleaning at spot )
8. Optimal performance ( reduced servicing and repairing trend )
9. Mobile ( access-friendly whether unit is located outdoor, roof, ceiling or enclosed area )
10. Assurance for system efficiency ( peace of mind for Facility leaders )
11. Steam pressure at 8 bar ( below 10 bar ) ; would not damage coil.
12. Applicable to all types of air conditioning equipment namely AHU, FCU, VRV, DHU, WCPU, etc

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